Professional Patent Application  $999

The U.S. Provisional Patent Application, when written and filed professionally can support commercial activities such as licensing or selling patent rights or raising venture capital for a new enterprise.

Benefits of the Provisional Patent Application
  • Small filing fee ($125 for individuals).
  • Provides internationally recognized patent pending status.
  • Allows public disclosure of your invention without loss of patent rights.
  • Allows you to sell products/services without loss of patent rights.
  • Allows you to test market without loss of patent rights.
  • Your application may be licensed, sold, or used to secure venture funding.
  • Provides an improved patentability position with respect to prior art.
  • Legal rights can be extended beyond one year.
  • Your application is not made public.
  • Can later be refiled.
  • Protects rights to file international, regional, and foreign national applications.
Additional benefits of filing through Patent Law & Venture Group
  • Prepared by internationally recognized Patent Agent Gene Scott.
  • Quick, professional, absolutely confidential service.
  • Clear legal bridge between provisional and regular applications.
  • Obtain patent pending status within two weeks, guaranteed.
  • Take advantage of our 20 years of experience in patent law.
  • Our fee is only $999.00 complete; client pays filing fee of $110.
  • If we prepare your Provisional Application, we will prepare your later filed Utility Application at a discount.

Our legal practice is incorporated as Worldwide Patent Services, Inc. in the State of California, EIN 33-0855484.
We have operated continuously for over twenty years. Gene Scott's registration number with the US PTO is 37930.